About Music production

Music production in Africa is something that has metamorphosed over time since it blossomed in the 60’s, We have embraced the different technological advancement in tools and gadgets used in creating music, We have also fined tuned our sound algorithm, to create signatures, similitude and distinctive music that would revive the soul, and grooves to move the body now and in centuries to come.

Composition and song Writing

This is the first stage where the ideas/ pictures of the song is conceptualized, This process is very crucial as it affects the overall outcome of the song. The genre/ styledetermines the overall direction of the song i.e. the harmonic structures/melody construction to be put in place to convey the message in a manner that in pleasing.
This is largely overlooked by most artistes as everyone just wants to go into the studio and create a hit in whatever way.

Arrangement and Pre- Production

This stage begins with the musical arrangement of the already written song. The right notes, keys and tempo are first selected before recording beings, This sets the stage for a smooth recording process and provides clear direction so everyone knows what to do and expect.


Production and Editing

This stage mostly builds in leaps and bounds which involves the skills of the producer, musicians and background singers to create overall cohesiveness of the track or project.
All the different takes of the artistes are placed appropriately. This includes; cut and trim, tone assignment, tuning/pitch correction, noise filtration and other technicalities best known to the producer to interpret what is called“Good Music” at the end of the day.

This is the final stage and it mainly involves over oiling, blending all the great ingredients of sounds and textures, setting the appropriate parameters, tonesandquality control for the best possible output. Output files are usually saved in format in wav, aiff or  mp3  formats.

Mixing and Mastering

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